Archive of Mountains Talking

The Quarterly Newsletter of The Zen Center of Denver
Lotus in the Flame Temple

Each issue of Mountains Talking contains a Dharma Talk by Danan Henry Roshi, news, calendars, and events of the Zen Center of Denver. Yearly subscriptions are available for $10.

Winter 2005: Shoshin Taza: Correct Upright Sitting
Spring 2005: Open Heart, Open Mind, Open House
Summer 2005: Effort
Fall 2005: American Apartheid
Winter 2004: Karma
Spring 2004: Working Together as a Celebration of Sangha
Summer 2004: Philip Kapleau Roshi Memorial Issue
Winter 2003: Two Faces of Buddhism Wisdom and Compassion
Spring 2003: Prajna Ango
Fall 2003: Mountains and Rivers Sesshin
Winter 2002: Trust in Allah but Tie Your Donkey
Spring 2002: Engaged Buddhism
Summer 2002: Encouraging Words
Fall 2002: What Does it Mean to be a Buddhist?
Winter 2001: The Conspiracy of Silence
Spring 2001: Renunciation
Summer 2001: Foregoing the Self
Fall 2001: The Horse's Mouth
Winter 2000: You Are Already Such a Person
Spring 2000: Sesshin: Climbing the Silver Mountain
Summer 2000: Weaving the Practice of Zen Into the Fabric of One's Life
Spring 1999: The Eye of the Fish
Fall 1999: Zen BUDDHISM
Winter 1998: It's Not Going to Get Any Better
Winter 1998 (2): Becoming a Happy Fat Man
Spring 1998: The Three Pillars
Fall 1998: Sesshin is Zazen
Summer 1997: The Dark Night of the Soul: Curse or Gift?
Fall 1997: Pure Being
Fall 1995: Actualizing Your True Self: Enter There