Daily Schedule and Sesshin Dates

Daily Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 6:00 - 7:00 am
Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 - 8:45 pm
Sunday Dharma Talk 8:00 - 10:30 am (Sitting at 8 am. Arrive for talk only at 8:45 am)

2014 Sesshin
October 18-25 - Tetsuzan Sensei
December 6-13 - Metta and Ryuku Senseis
2014 Zazenkai
November 21 - Peggy Metta Sensei
2015 Sesshin

7 day sesshin:

October 17-24- Ken Tetsuzan Sensei

December 5-12- Karin Ryuku Sensei & Peggy Metta Sensei

5 day sesshin:

Blue Mountain June 23-28 -Karin Ryuku Sensei & Peggy Metta Sensei

Weekend sesshin (Fri eve to Sun afternoon):

January 16-18- Karin Ryuku Sensei

February 27-March 1- Ken Tetsuzan Sensei

May 1-3- Karin Ryuku Sensei

2015 Zazenkai

January 18- Karin Ryuku Sensei

March 1-Ken Tetsuzan Sensei

May 3-Karin Ryuku Sensei

September 27- Peggy Metta Sensei

November 8- Ken Tetsuzan Sensei

Other practice forms and ceremonies:

Workday: a day of work around the temple, from 8 am-12 pm

Ceremony of Aid: a ceremony to help relieve a specific source of suffering in the world

Dharma Discussion: discussion on a specific topic, led by a teacher, or a senior student

Dharma Talk: Zen talk given by a senior student

Kannon Ceremony: a ceremony in honor of Kannon Bodhisattva

Renewal Ceremony: repentance and renewal of vows for members of the Lay Order

Repentance Ceremony: a ceremony of repentance and purification

Samu: work as meditation in action

Sangha Meeting: temple governance meeting for all supporting members of the Zen Center of Denver

Introductory Seminar: introduction to Zen Buddhism

Sesshin: meditation retreat

Shosan: Public exchange of Dharma between teacher and student

Zazen w/T&D: two rounds of sitting and a talk and discussion period led by a teacher

Teisho: Zen talk given by a teacher

Zazen w/Q&A: two rounds of sitting and a question and answer period led by a teacher

Zazenkai: all-day sitting