Membership at the Zen Center of Denver

Friends of the Center

A friend of the Center is defined as any non-member who wishes to attend sittings and certain other Zen Center functions. In order to become a friend of the Center, one must take the introductory training available one Tuesday and one Thursday per month. This training may be reviewed as many times as desired, and Friends are encouraged to do so.

Friends are requested to make a $5.00 donation for the instruction and one of their choosing each time they visit the Center. After receiving instruction, friends may attend morning or evening sittings, Sunday teishos, dharma talks, talk and discussion, zazen Q&A, chanting services, ceremonies, and social functions. They are eligible for dokusan, as desired, with a teacher. They do not wear sitting robes (visiting priests and monastics are an exception).


Those who wish further involvement and greater practice opportunities may become a member of the Center. Members are eligible to participate in all ZCD events and training programs. To become a member one must attend the Introductory Seminar or Introduction to Zen class series, complete two informational and instructional interviews, and become familiar with the practice forms of the temple. The primary way that members support the center is by meditating at the temple on a regular basis and helping to create a deep and supportive practice environment. Members also make a monthly contribution to fund the facility and activities of the Center (no one is ever turned away from membership due to financial difficulties) and may participate in the committee system that maintains and runs the Center. Members may attend dokusan on a regular basis, request to be a formal student of Ryuku Kempe Sensei; Tetsuzan Morgareidge Sensei; or Metta Sheehan Sensei enter advanced Zen training programs, and take part in the governance of the Center.

The highly motivated member, whose life circumstances allow, may join the Clouds and Water training program. This is an intensive form of Zen training that interfaces temple practice and non-temple practice within the context of lay life.

Those who have practiced for some years and wish to make a formal lifetime commitment to the Path of Zen may so so through the ceremony of Jukai, receive their Buddhist name and Rakusu and join the Lotus in the Flame Order.

For more information about membership, please contact the office or 303 455 1500,